I've been laid off...SIX times. Either the project that I had been working on was shut down, or the company lost funding for my position. A couple of times, the consulting companies that I was working for decided to close down their "App Dev" practices.

And that's not to mention the two contracting gigs that did not did NOT turn into right-to-hires.

It's tough out there...I know.

Yet, all this moving around has actually worked to my advantage as I have not only worked with  many people, growing my network, but I have gotten to work with some of the top developers and architects in the St. Louis area. I am proud to call these people my friends now.

With such a vast network, in addition to speaking with many different recruiting companies, I have been able to use my "job search knowledge" to advise others with their job search, both in and outside of IT.

How I can help you:
  • I can help you get your job search started (see my page Job Search 101).
  • I can review resumes, cover letters, and your LinkedIn page. 
  • I can provide strategies in dealing with recruiting companies. (Ask me for my IT recruiters list!)
  • I can add you to my mailing list for jobs that are related to your field.
  • If you are a recruiter, I can connect you to job seekers that may match what you are looking for.