Thursday, July 31, 2014

August 2014 OJT Opportunities

St. Louis Region OJT Job Openings
The following is a list of current job openings posted in that the organization has indicated they are interested in filling under the SLATE OJT program.  Qualified candidates are encourage to first look up the information about the job posting using the “Job Number” provided under the job title.  The job posting will provide the name of the company and provide instructions on how to apply for a specific opening. 
You are also encouraged to email your resume to Joel Reinert at including the job title in the subject of the email.

Title: OJT – Clinical Research Associate                                                                                                        Job Number: 10715264
C2N Diagnostics is seeking an energetic, full-time Clinical Research Associate (CRA) to support and coordinate clinical research studies in the area of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative disorders. The CRA will play an important role in the collection, compilation, documentation, and analysis of clinical data and develop guidelines for the administration of clinical studies.
Specific responsibilities of the CRA may include:
-Overseeing the logistics and planning of controlled and observational clinical trials. The candidate will be responsible for ensuring that local, state and federal regulatory issues pertaining to specific clinical trials are recognized and adhered to.
-Assisting third party vendors with the design of informed consent forms, case report forms, and enrollment procedures for participants in human clinical studies.
-Ensuring proper collection, organization, and storage of subject data from human studies. The subject data may include medical records, interviews, questionnaires, videos, and outcomes measures in response to therapeutic treatments and diagnostic tests. 
-Overseeing compliance with procedures around the collection, shipment, and banking of cerebrospinal fluid, blood samples, tissues, and other specimens that may be required for analysis at either C2N or at third-party clinical sites.
-Working closely with C2N Diagnostics? clients in the design of clinical studies, coordination of sample collection and delivery to C2N Diagnostics? facility. This includes design and review of clinical protocol. The CRA will also coordinate shipment of materials between additional facilities that may be collaborating with C2N Diagnostics in multi-institutional clinical studies.
-Performing site initiation visits and audits with clinical research organizations. This task will require periodic domestic and international travel.
-Assisting with the preparation of budgets for conducting clinical protocols.
-Contribute to the development of clinical study SOPs.
Desired Skills
The ideal candidate will be highly self-motivated, attentive to detail, and effective at multi-tasking. Excellent organizational and communication skills, both written and verbal are vital. The candidate will be required to interact directly with clinical sites and participate in the generation of study documents and reports. The ability to interact with individuals with different specialties (i.e. physicians, scientists, administrators, etc.) and institutions is highly desirable.
The successful candidate will have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from an accredited nursing program or a related health sciences program. Physician’s Assistants and candidates with an Associate Degree in Clinical Trials Research are also encouraged to apply.  
The successful candidate will have at least three to five (3-5) years of experience as a clinical research coordinator or have worked in a closely related clinical capacity. The candidate must have an appreciation and experience with Good Clinical Practices, the HIPAA Privacy Rule, and other safeguards for human study subjects.
Qualified candidates must send a cover letter and resume to Tim Veenstra at and include the job title in the subject of the email.

Title: OJT – PreSchool Teacher                                                                                                                      Job Number: 10703687
Per supervisor’s instruction create and execute programs in alignment with Neighborhood Houses? mission and goals. Creates and maintains a positive learning environment for children 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Provides direct service to children, leading activities that encourages learning and inspires children to grow and develop in positive ways. Serves as an advocate and role model for program participants including parents. Works closely with other center staff and program volunteers in a collegial manner.
·          Implements children’s programs set forth by center supervisor or director, including educational, recreational, physical and character building activities.
·          Assists with new program development and the enhancement of existing programs.  Creates special educational and multiple development programs and presentations with children for center events. 
·          Develops lesson plans and prepares for daily activity.  Completes weekly service unit reports.
·          Facilitates group activities and serve as the participants? primary contact.  Leads by example to instill positive and responsible behaviors with children.
·          Coordinates snacks and meal for children. Assist with Family Style dining.
·          Performs assessments to evaluate developmental progress of children in the classroom
·          Furthers the mission, vision and goals of the center and Neighborhood Houses.
·          Maintains healthy environment including maintaining sanitary conditions of children and environment including changing diapers and washing of children when necessary.
·          Minimum of 9 college credit hours in Early Childhood Education required. AA Preferred
·          Two year’s experience working with infants and toddler programs preferred
·          Computer skills necessary
·          Strong desire to work and develop young pre-school children
·          Strong interpersonal skills
·          Effective communicator
·          Energetic, positive attitude with a genuine desire to inspire, motivate and  lead by example
·          Child growth & development knowledge preferred
·          Organization and planning skills needed
·          Knowledge of Early Childhood Curriculum

To apply send resume and cover letter via email to or by fax to (314)773-0335
Title: OJT – Program Coordinator                                                                                                                  Job Number: 10701972
Assists the Director of Early Childhood Education in maintaining all applicable licensing, accreditation and grant related requirements and standards. Orients and supervises the members of teaching teams in accordance with Neighborhood House?s policies and procedures.  Coordinates schedules and routines with staff and volunteers, maintains communication with families and helps to assure full enrollment. Fulfills the responsibilities of the Director of Early Childhood Education in his/her absence and substitutes in center/program positions as may be needed to maintain staff child ratios and assure the efficient operation of the program.
1.  Assures scheduling of appropriate child/staff ratios in classrooms and the coverage of all necessary center positions at all times.
2.  Assures program is in accordance with Missouri State Licensing requirements and the Missouri Voluntary Accreditation standards.
3.  Assure that classroom record keeping is current and accurate.
4.  Supervises all teaching staff and assures the development and implementation of weekly lesson plans, recording of anecdotal records and quarterly progress checkpoints and parent teacher conferences as needed.
5.  Evaluates teaching staff at least annually. Provides ongoing feedback regarding staff’s performance throughout the year and use teacher’s goals for the next year to support the on-going growth and professional development of each member of teaching team.
6.  Assists the Director of Early Childhood Education with staff orientation and training
7.  Assures the implementation of all program related grants and the timely completion of all required paperwork.
8.  In Teaching Strategies Gold reviews all teachers? weekly lesson plans and makes recommendations as needed. Reviews observations, checkpoints and screenings to assure compatibility of findings and utilization of information to promote children’s progress. Evaluates program effectiveness and maintains program quality. Introduces materials, professionals and other resources to promote further learning and understanding.
9.  Meets regularly (at least bi-weekly) with all teaching teams and with all substitute teachers.
10. Assure that Teachers and Substitutes obtain MOPD ID numbers to maintain clock hours and that clock hours are documented accurately in OPEN
11. Schedules and participates in the preparation of Parent/Teacher conferences and other parent engagement activities regularly and at parental request; Attends Parent/Teacher conferences when appropriate
To apply send resume and cover letter via email to or by fax to (314)773-0335

Title: OJT – Bilingual Administrative Assistant                                                                                              Job Number: 10715271
·          Performs high-level administrative support by handling information requests and performing clerical functions such as preparing correspondence, receiving visitors and children, maintaining electronic and manual files, recording invoices, answering and screening calls and presenting a positive image of SouthSide to visitors and parents.  Reports to the Family Services Manager and Center Director for certain tasks.
·          Essential Functions:
·          Admits parents and visitors to center and answers questions as needed
·          Answers front desk telephone, assists callers, transfers calls or takes messages as needed
·          Maintains all SouthSide child records on the computer; verifies completeness of required information and follows up as needed; classifies and maintains electronic and paper files
·          Prepares attendance/enrollment reports daily and weekly and be request as needed
·          Performs daily health checks for Center children as they enter the building
·          Enters data of all specified program information in an accurate manner based on data entry procedures using the Child Plus data management system
·          Helps Family Services Manager obtain necessary information from parents (e.g. signatures, copies of Medicaid cards)
·          Manages teacher and substitute scheduling with direction from Center Director
·          Opens mail, logs checks received in the mail, endorses the check and forwards to Controller for deposit
·          Collects and records parent fee payments in the receipt book
·          Maintains confidentiality of sensitive information
·          Assists Center Director in communicating with classrooms on a daily basis
·          Assists with special classroom projects, classroom and family communications via bulletin boards, and special events like parent committee meetings, holidays, picnics, etc.)
·          Coordinates distribution of St. Louis Public Library books to classrooms
·          Other duties as assigned
·          Minimum Associate’s Degree required
·          3+ years' experience in an administrative position, preferably in a not-for-profit work environment
·          Fluent in English and Spanish
·          Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
·          Excellent verbal and written communications skills
·          Ability to present information concisely and effectively, both verbally and in writing
·          Strong attention to detail
To apply please submit resume via e-mail or mail to Monica Jestes at

Title: OJT – Mechanic – Material Handling Equipment                                                                                   Job Number: 10689527
Family owned material handling company with over 30 years in business is looking for an experienced forklift mechanic. Prefer 5+ years relevant mechanical repair experience.  Electrical knowledge a plus.  Requires a CDL Class E license to drive a company service van.  Must have own tools.  Required to pass a drug screening and background check.  Salary negotiable depending on qualifications and experience.
To apply send resume via email to or by fax to (314)781-5630
Title: OJT – Granite Fabricator/Saw Operator                                                                                                 Job Number: 10692582
- Reading Blueprints & Drawings
- Precise Measuring of Slabs and Pieces to be Cut
- Identifying Slab Imperfections and Planning Cuts Accordingly
- Cutting Using Granite Saw
- Loading Granite onto Saw and Carts for Transportation
- Cross-Training for Edge Polishing
- High School or Equivalency Graduate
- Must be able to independently operate and maintain saw. 
- Must have excellent math skills. 
- Must be able to work with fractions, miters and angles, utilizing a tape measure; and working off of blueprints, sketches/drawings or written/verbal instruction.  
- Safely operate a forklift, jib crane and bridge crane. 
- Learn to recognize material and make compensations to pieces for processes downstream. 
- Basic computer skills required.
- Must have clean driver’s license.
- Must agree to random drug testing.

Title: OJT – Security Officer (Armed and Unarmed)                                                                                Job Number: 10681354
Seeking reliable, career-oriented individuals for armed and unarmed security officers
General description of responsibilities and expectations:
Conduct the proper licensing/CDS Post training prep through company supervision
Arrive to work on time, dressed properly, and ready to work; be prepared in terms of proper equipment
Check in with the Client, or the CDS Voice Mail System to report your being on-site and your readiness to work
Conduct yourself professionally, according to the expectation of the Client, the Company, and the prevailing expectations of the cognizant Watchman's Division and the Municipality in question
Provide the Client with feedback regarding the secure nature of the site, and make recommendations
Do not leave your post/location for extended periods of time
Report all incidents to the Client, Site Supervisor, and/or Post Commander, and the Company immediately by report
All officers must be in proper uniform, with Metro ID worn on the outermost garment
All officers must be neat in appearance , and all officers must be clean shaven and clothes neat and shoes clean and shiny
Each offer is required to patrol his/her area to familiarize his/herself with any unusual circumstances
All officers will check said property for vagrant and non-residents.  All person(s) not having legal or consumer rights to be on said property will be escorted off the property
Officers will insure visible deterrence. All officers will and shall remain visible always
Never will officers pursue suspects off property unless due to a fleeing felony, posing a threat to himself or others
Do not engage in "no-security" activities
Never will officers leave the property to investigate crimes unless committed on property
Officers will not allow any solicitation, gambling. nor any destruction of property on the Property
No alcoholic beverages allowed on the premises, unless it is a retail liquor establishment. No loitering on the parking lots. No drinking out of open containers
All reports shall be completed before his/her end of their shift
All reports will be turned into the office/Post Captain.Commander/Supervisor promptly
All officers will maintain the highest level of professionalism
To apply send resume via email to

Title: OJT – Tire Retread Technician                                                                                                      Job Number: 10655764
Perform retreading functions for light and medium truck, bus and specialty tires.  This position functions in a manufacturing environment at a Bandag retread Tire facility where commercial truck tires are retreaded through a series of manual and automated processes including:
*Inspecting and buffing tire carcasses for retreading;
*Applying rubber compounds to retread the tire;
*Repairing casing for retread;
*Curing retreaded tires;
*Assuring quality for finished product;
*Any other duties as requested by management.
This position operates in an indoor environment. (Heat exposure is to be expected in the summer months.)
*Must be willing to follow all safety procedures and work in a safe manner.
*Must be able to work in a results-oriented, fast-paced environment as part of a team.
*Must be goal-oriented and able to consistently meet quality and production requirements.
*Must possess a mechanical aptitude.
*Some shift work and/or work on Saturdays may be required.
*High School Diploma or GED preferred.
*Must be able to lift 40 - 50 pounds regularly.
*Must be able to pass a background check including employment history, SSN verification, criminal history, etc.
*Must be able to pass a physical exam and drug test.
*Must pass the 90-day probationary period.
Previous manufacturing experience is helpful/preferred but not required.
Title: OJT – Data Analyst                                                                                                                                Job Number: 10682879
We are seeking an individual who will manage the identification and collection of key metrics for BioSTL, BioGenerator and the overall St. Louis bioscience ecosystem. The individual will establish data collection processes and utilize collected data to identify and monitor trends as well as to develop reports to proactively inform and assist management in carrying out the mission of BioSTL and BioGenerator.
Job Responsibilities:
- Responsible for identifying and managing multiple data points for benchmarking and proactive identification of trends and opportunities; and for supporting management in assessing results
- Streamline and consolidate data into a functional repository, enabling routine and ad-hoc information extraction and reporting
- Responsible for developing/improving data collection policies and procedures and implementation of such
- Work collaboratively with internal colleagues to integrate data management and analysis across the organization’s programs; and with external partners to ensure robust regional data
- Demonstrate proven ability to facilitate and execute RFPs for data storage/management
- Enable user access (submitting and extracting data) and query of data tools
- Compile reports that support observations and recommendations both quantitatively and qualitatively, ensuring appropriate levels of detail for both internal and external audiences
- Provide accurate and timely reports, both standard and ad-hoc
- Provide user training and support for data management tools
- Manage information technology vendor relationships
- Other duties as assigned
- Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Business, Mathematics, or related field
- Proven ability in linking data with organizational strategies
- Strong understanding of database tools and management of complex data sets
- 3+ years of relevant experience in data management
- Highest personal and professional integrity
Excellent inquiry and communication skills, both with internal and external audiences; ability to excel in both a team setting and independently; excellent listener; ability to dissect and understand complex business issues; ability to see the big picture and not get mired in minutia; excellent judgment; prioritization and project planning skills.
Please send a detailed letter of interest and resume to with “Data Analyst” in the subject line. Confidential inquiries can be submitted to the same email address or one can contact Jim Jaacks, Vice President Finance and Administration, at 314-880-8875.

Title: OJT – Partner Sales Representative                                                                                               Job Number: 10681385
Responsibilities include managing a "pipeline" process of different levels of targeted contacts, assistance in designing and creating a client database, as well as having input into the development of creative materials such as scripts, letters, etc. This is an in-house professional level position and only the best and brightest will be selected to participate in our hiring process.
·          Prospect, develop and enhance existing and new client relationships via inbound and outbound calls
·          Ability to manage over 100+ client contact touches a day
·          Coordinates with Sales Operations Manager daily on account development, issues, and opportunities
·          Obtains appointments by inbound/outbound telephone calls; Implementation of Abstrakt Sales Strategy and ensure the company meets revenue and profit objectives through new business development and maintenance of existing accounts
·          Proactively works sales backlog, follow through and other client needs
·          Reports Industry trends, competitive pricing, and client feedback to management
·          Works in conjunction with Outside Sales representatives to ensure customer satisfaction.
·          Increases orders by suggesting related items; explaining benefits; checking clients history
·          Maintains and improves quality results by following standards; recommending improved policies and procedures
·          Accomplishes sales metrics and organization mission by completing related results as needed
·          Assertive personality; ability to make cold calls to gather information or relay information over the phone.
·          Relationship building skills; ability to establish professional rapport with decision makers over the phone.
·          Effectively and efficiently plan and prioritize all deliverables and resources
·          Demonstrated ability for follow up and critical thinking
·          Consistently identify needs client may not recognize and ensure that approaches and solutions are linked to objectives and future needs
·          Consistently manage client expectations, ensure delivery of the highest quality service, and solicit and act on client feedback
·          Effectively and efficiently plan and prioritize all deliverables and resources
·          Deep understanding and awareness of product development and experience tying product goals to business goals
·          Excellent oral and written communication skills
·          Excellent organizational skills with a high sense of urgency and attentive to detail
·          An unfailing can-do personality and a desire to learn new things
·          Prospecting skills and marketing concepts experience with a proven motivation for telephone sales
·          Must work well in a team environment and maintain adherence to all company policies and procedures
Qualified candidates must email resume to

Title: OJT – Business Development Manager                                                                                         Job Number: 10642983
The Business Development Manager (BDM) at Abstrakt Marketing Group requires an experienced, competitive, and hard working sales candidate who will help Abstrakt expand in focused niches across the country.  We value our employees' time and efforts as we strive to provide a collaborative, creative environment where each person feels encouraged to contribute to our processes, decisions, planning and culture. Plus, we work to maintain the best possible environment for our employees, where people can learn and grow with the organization.
The BDM will take ownership of a specific industry niche as assigned and expand Abstrakt's products and services nationwide.   The BDM will utilize Abstrakt's own business development process to generate leads and appointments, and will manage each customer through Abstrakt's defined sales process. 
·          Make 100+ calls per day; these will primarily be executive level cold calls to generate qualified appointments leads
·          Follow sales and marketing process, which will include email follow-ups and direct mail for appointments that are generated while following the sales flow using the sales CRM tool Salesforce.
·          Introduce Abstrakt to 60+new companies a month
·          Close 2-3 new clients a month
·          Demonstrated critical thinking skills coupled with strong work ethic.
·          Assertive personality; ability to make cold calls and generate prospects.
·          Relationship building skills; ability to establish a professional rapport with decision makers over the phone.
·          Presenting and closing skills; the ability to manage the entire sales process.
·          Demonstrate the ability to follow up consistently and professionally.
·          Manage time effectively, meet personal goals and work effectively with other members of the sales team
·          Present a professional image at all times to customers and vendors
·          A motivated self-learner who keeps abreast of market developments and trends, devise and manage individualized telephone campaigns to increase sales,
·          Work on additional administrative and sales support activities as needed in between call sessions
·          Excellent negotiation skills, including the art of persuasion and creativity
·          1-3 years of previous sales success calling in a B2B environment or Business Growth Company
·          Consultative selling approach and willingness to learn new sales techniques
·          Strong networking, prospecting, and executive selling skills
·          Highly organized, with strong follow-up skills and process focus
·          Pleasant demeanor on phone
·          Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
·          CRM Salesforce Experience preferred
Qualified candidates must email resume to

Title: OJT – Marketer/Networker                                                                                                         Job Number: 10655653
Job Summary:
Builds relationships with referral sources via presentations, face to face contacts, phone calls, meetings, etc. in an effort to increase revenue through direct referrals. Works with other members of the FirstLight team (Scheduler, Office Manager, etc.), to monitor goals as they pertain to billable hours, number of clients, and/or revenue.  Reports schedule and results to their immediate supervisor on a weekly basis, discusses Networking activities, and revises their plan as needed.
Strongly recommend college degree in Business, Marketing or Health Care, along with two years related experience and/or training.  Experience in home care or other service industry preferred. 
Requires proficiency in contact relationship management (CRM) software.  
Must possess and demonstrate excellent communication and presentation skills as well as a positive, professional, business image. 
Essential Functions:
Seeks out and develops relationships with various Referral Sources.
Conducts at least 35 visits per week ? mix of medical and non-medical / new and follow up calls.
Establishes a Networking plan and actively uses it as a working tool, which is revisited as requested/needed.
Visits existing referral sources to maintain and grow partner relationships.
Updates prospects, clients, and referral sources database for contact/and or mailing lists.
Tracks Networking efforts and reviews them with supervisor on a weekly basis.
This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive.  The employee will be expected to perform other reasonable related duties as assigned.
***Participates in Networking groups, especially as they relate to the senior population.***