Saturday, July 6, 2013

Part Time Nannies

TLC For Kids in St. Louis is recruiting for part time nannies.  We have great families in need of after school nannies.

An after school nanny is a great job for a college student.  The job allows you to go to morning and early afternoon classes AND be back on campus for study groups or club meetings in the evenings.

After school nannies typically work Monday through Friday 2/3pm to 6/7pm.  You may pick the kids up from school or meet them at the bus stop.   Once the kids are home after school nannies help with homework, take the kids to activities, play ball, or supervise a little down time.

After school nanny jobs are a great way to work consistent hours while focusing on your schoolwork.
If you live in St. Louis and are interested in helping a family this school year with their child care needs apply on line at

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