Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Top 10 Companies Hiring This Week

I saw this blog post on the Creve Coeur today!

A job search can get quite frustrating these days, with so many people competing for too few openings. To ease the burden, AOL Jobs tracked down the 10 top companies that are hiring this week. From sales jobs to finance positions, full-time to part-time, these employers have a plethora of openings they're looking to fill.

Good luck job hunting!

1. United Parcel Service Jobs: 49,908 openings.

Known by its large brown delivery trucks, United Parcel Service delivers over 15 million packages per day. Headquartered in Sandy Springs, Ga., UPS competes with other carriers, such as FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service. The company employs approximately 350,000 in the United States, with another 67,000 around the world. It's gearing up for holiday deliveries with the hiring of seasonal employees, and last year reportedly hired about 1,100 workers in Louisville, Ky., alone, its largest air-sorting hub.

Employee Review: "Good, steady work. Great learning opportunities. Very little favoritism, you get ahead based on your own work. Work at home opportunities help on commuting costs. Great work-life balance, ample vacation time."*

2. Petco Jobs: 11,483 openings.

San Diego-based Petco's chain of pet supplies stores number more than a thousand across the U.S. and, along with its large supermarket-type operations, now includes smaller, mom-and-pop-style neighborhood stores, Unleashed by Petco.

Employee Review: "I met some great people and work with even more amazing people. The management was fantastic. I was paid fairly and had reasonable hours. I also was able to work around my school schedule which helped me pay for tuition. Plus, who doesn't like getting to play with puppies every Saturday?"*

3. Tires Plus Jobs: 9,071 openings.

Based out of Davenport, Iowa, Tires Plus has more than 500 stores in 23 states. Tires Plus offers products for the whole gamut of automobiles, from compacts cars to SUV's. Along with Firestone Complete Auto Care, Tires Plus is owned by Bridgestone Retail Operations. And in sum, Bridgestone is the world's largest chain of company-owned auto care centers.

Manager Review: "The pay is decent and you get good benefits. The atmosphere is friendly. But poor management can often affect morale and lead to poor enthusiasm to do work. The hours are inconsistent and they expect you to bend over for them without question."*

4. Pizza Hut Jobs: 6,279 openings.

After 55 years in the business, Pizza Hut continues to expand, adding new locations nationwide. In its recent hunt for a digital manager, the fast-food chain asked applicants interviewing for the job to prove their ability to get a message across in Twitter-like brevity by limiting their "elevator speeches" to just 140 seconds.

Employee Review: "Decent hours, fun working environment, challenging (but not too much), rewarding, quick training (I was cross-trained, so I could fill any role necessary)."

5. AutoZone Jobs: 4,278 openings.
AutoZone Inc. is a 34-year-old automotive parts retailer, based in Memphis, Tenn., that boasts of having 4,600 stores in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Mexico. Discussing his business philosophy, AutoZone founder J.R. Pitt Hyde recently told a business forum: "Learn on the other guy's nickel. Go to work in the industry you think you want to start in and learn from the ground up."

Employee Review: "The company has a strong growth in the market and is very stable. Although AutoZone has grown to a large company, the corporate mind set is still on a small scale. Things like flex time, vacation pay, and holiday pay are still not substantial to match this size of this company."*

6. Macy's Jobs: 4,118 openings.

Even though sales have been down slightly, the famous retail giant continues to hire in large quantities nationwide. Macy's Inc. stock recently went for a record high, and it appears to have won its battle with J.C. Penney over the right to sell some Martha Stewart-branded products.

Employee Review: "The management is competent. Employees are given a good discount and still able to use coupons. You can pick up more hours online when they become available."

7. Firestone Complete Auto Care Jobs: 3,685 openings.

Firestone Complete Auto Care is a car maintenance chain that was spun off from one of the oldest American tire companies. There are more than 1,600 locations nationwide, many of which are open late and on weekends and -- along with selling and servicing its name-brand tires -- where its mechanics do repairs and other kinds of work on cars.

Employee Review: "Higher than average compensation for retail, good camaraderie with co workers. Nice working for large company that you know will be there tomorrow. "*

8. UnitedHealth Group Jobs: 2,851 openings.

UnitedHealth Group currently provides health insurance services to more than 75 million people worldwide and is the largest insurance company of its kind in the U.S. With the onset of states' participation in the Affordable Care Act, the Minnesota-based insurer "has remained especially vague on the number of systems in would participate in," says The Motley Fool, "placing the number somewhere between 10 and 25."

9. Toys R Us Jobs: 2,824 openings.

The longtime toy retailer based in Wayne, N.J., has more than 800 stores in the U.S., and already is gearing up for the holiday shopping season. "Many of our customers said to us, 'We hate the hectic pace of December, we want to have the opportunity to shop early,' " said Toys R Us Chief Marketing Officer Richard Barry recently. That means holiday discounts and promotions have already begun.

Employee Review: "You will receive great hours from about July to December. The supervisors and management help out with any customer situation or question you may have, and they really like it when you show them that you have an interest in expanding your in-store knowledge and skill set. ... Cons – From January to June, the store is almost dead. ."*

10. CVS Caremark Jobs: 2,554 openings.

The CVS pharmacy chain has more than 7,500 stores in the United States, second only to Walgreens, and reported revenue of over $123 billion in 2012. It recently announced a partnership with DASH for Health to establish the Weight Loss Program at its walk-in medical clinics, MinuteClinic.

Employee Review: "The employee discount saves you a ton of money ... It's overall a comfortable work environment. ...
Frequently offered overtime ... You have to be available ALL of the time."*

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