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Hot Jobs February 2016

HOW TO APPLY: Log onto and enter the Job Order Number in the ‘search’ box to learn more about these positions, as well as thousands of additional openings throughout Missouri, all at NO COST. If you meet the requirements for the job, apply by following the directions listed.
For further help, see any SLATE American Job Center representative.

 Version Date: 2/1/2016 * new positions

Position Title: Floor Tech Job Order # 11584572
Job Description: Company looking for 10 part time Floor Tech for work at various businesses. Candidate will scrub The floors, cleaning carpets, take trash out, dust the desks and other furniture, cleaning bathrooms,
Requirements: 1 year experience; clean criminal record for 5 years; pass drug and alcohol screening; 18+ years of Age; reliable transportation to work sites.

Position Title: Correctional Officer I * Job Order # 11584602
Job Description: Maintain order, keeping records, and supervising the activities of residents at the City correctional Institutions. Candidates may be selectively certified based upon foreign language skills or other…
Requirements: Two years of work experience AND a high school diploma/equivalent. Applicants must be available To work all shifts which includes days, evenings, nights, weekend, holiday and to work at assigned…

Position Title: Crime Analyst Job Order # 11584586
Job Description: Bureau of Justice Assistance to create and manage a Gun Diversion Project for first time offenders charged with possessing a firearm in the City of St. Louis. Will perform a wide variety of duties….
Requirements: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Or Statistics. Knowledge/ability to learn crime mapping/GIS, to generate maps of data, SQL….

Position Title: Airfield Operations Specialist * Job Order # 11604682
Job Description: Monitor airfield and terminal activities to ensure compliance with Federal Aviation Administration Regulations and internal operating procedures. Incumbent will monitor and operate communications…
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management, Aeronautical Administration or related field; OR four years Of full-time paid experience in aviation administration. Must be familiar with airport operations…

 Position Title: Communications Service Center Specialist II Job Order # 11584592
Job Description: Journey-level technical work performing highly complex installs, maintenance, and repairs to Communication and telecommunications equipment for a City Department. Incumbents perform…
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Electronics or Electrical Engineering; and four years experience in electronics With three years in radio frequency trunking; or an equivalent combination of education, training…

Position Title: Executive Associate – Foundation Job Order # 11598338
Job Description: Daily processes all gifts to the foundation. Compiles and organizes statistical data and Information for financial reports; creating and exporting reports from SCT/Banner Advancement…
Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience and five years of comparable full time experience; Proficient in use of SCT/Banner, Raiser’s Edge or other dedicated fundraising software…..

Position Title: Paramedic * Job Order # 11604692
Job Description: Provide advanced emergency medical care to critically ill or injured patients prior to or while Being transported in a life support vehicle. Duties include: responding to call for emergency….
Requirements: Applicants must possess and maintain all the of the following at the time of filing application and While employed by the City of StL: State of MO EMT-P License; MO Driver’s License; current…..

Position Title: Cooks; Ball Park Village * Job Order #11603996
Job Description: Must be willing and able to assist in maintaining a clean and tidy environment. Perform more than One task at a time. Communicate effectively with co-workers; keep line and other storage areas...
Requirements: Communicate effectively; meet personal schedule requirements punctually. Be courteous, Pleasant and good natured. Respond to the needs of difficult guests with patience and courtesy..

Position Title: Special Assistant to the Comptroller Job Order # 11585904
Job Description: This position serves as the Comptroller’s advisor, liaison, and designated representative to other City Officials, departments and offices. Assists in negotiation, development and revision of contracts…
Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Public Administration, and 3 Years of progressively responsible experience in the field of public or private administration.

Position Title: Ball Park Venue Metal Detector Screener * Job Order # 11590255
Job Description: Will be responsible for monitoring the walk-through detectors and also the secondary screening or Wanding of guests entering Busch Stadium while maintaining the quality of our guests. Gameday
Requirements: High School diploma/equivalent; Security license or combination of years of experience and education. 18 years of age or older; excellent communication and customer service skills. Ability to stand and…

Position Title: Real Property Appraisal Manager * Job Order # 11604696
Job Description: High level managerial position in the Assessor’s Office responsible for managing and planning real Property appraisal activities for assessment purposes and managing appraisal supervisors within…
Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Public Administration, Accounting or related field; at least five years Of full-time paid experience in assessment administration, property appraisal/valuation or a related….

Position Title: Janitors; Ball Park Village * Job Order # 11604048
Job Description: Clean building floors by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming them. Gather and empty Trash. Service, clean and supply restrooms. Clean and polish furniture and fixtures. Clean….
Requirements: Communicate effectively; meet personal schedule requirements punctually. Be courteous, Pleasant and good natured. Respond to the needs of difficult guests with patience and courtesy..

Position Title: EMS Dispatcher Job Order # 11585895
Job Description: City of St. Louis Fire Department’s Bureau of EMS. Receive and evaluate calls for emergency Medical service and dispatch EMS equipment and personnel for response to the scene. Duties:…
Requirements: High school diploma/equivalent, possession of current Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) Certification issued by the National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch or one year recent..

Position Title: Chief of Staff to the President & CEO Job Order # 11555573
Job Description: Works directly with the President assisting in the planning and following-thru of daily meetings and Special initiatives. Coordinate and implement special projects as defined by the President…
Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree; ability to develop and maintain key relationship at the executive level; Cortex often Handles sensitive and confidential information; ability and confidence to effectively present…

Position Title: Director of Project Development Job Order # 11555556
Job Description: Assists in the planning and development of new projects and implementation of approved projects in The Cortex District. Actively participate in the strategic planning of the Cortex District; plan new tech…
Requirements: Degree; ability to develop and maintain key relationship at the executive level; communicate our Vision through meetings, public speaking, PowerPoint presentation and District tours. Serve as liaison

Position Title: Public Information Officer to the Comptroller Job Order # 11585875 Job Description: Written materials, media relations, and various internal/external means of communications. Incumbent will facilitate all aspects of press conferences, including coordination of all…. Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, Public Relations, Communications or a related field; at least 3 Years of full time paid experience in public relations or journalism with strong communication…..

Position Title: DW-Media Associate, Campus IT Job Order # 11598346
Job Description: Performs duties in one or more media functional areas necessary to provide acquisitions, circulation Production, telecommunications, and other media services. Schedules and circulates materials…
Requirements: High School diploma/equivalent and over one year of relevant full-time experience.

Position Title: Computer Operator I * Job Order # 11604698
Job Description: Position in the Information Technology services Agency (ITSA) of the City of St. Louis operating a Mainframe computer (IBM VSE), personal computers, and peripheral equipment such as printers…
Requirements: At least one year of experience using a PC with word processing and spread sheet software in an Office environment; OR one year of coursework in data processing or computer science; OR an….

Position Title: Customer Service Representative Job Order # 11451430
Job Description: Square knows that great customer support is provided by both people and products. Effectively solve customer inquiries for support when owning customer interactions. Identify, document and follow up…
Requirements: BA/BS degree/equivalent practical experience. Interest in implementing feedback and dedicated to the Improvement of your skills and work. Experience in direct customer or client-facing roles…..

Position Title: Disputes Resolutions Lead Job Order # 11451441
Job Description: Provide guidance during the chargeback process, building trust in payments and resolving merchant And buyer discrepancies. Square works closely with our Support, Finance, Risk, Legal and Product…
Requirements: BA/BS degree from a leading academic institution; 6-8 years experience working in Customer Support And/or Chargeback Resolution and/or Collection services and/or a related field. 2-4 years leading….

 Position Title: Payroll Specialist II * Job Order # 11604701 Job Description: Advanced clerical work responsible for processing payroll and confidential personnel documents. Position will require considerable knowledge of the City’s payroll procedures, Dept. of Personnel… Requirements: Three years of recent full-time paid clerical/office experience processing payroll. Experience must Demonstrate proficiency in the use of a computerized payroll system or an equivalent combination…

Position Title: Veterinarian Technician (per Performance) Job Order # 11585917
Job Description: Implement protocols and procedures for animal care, kennel maintenance, sanitation, parasite and Disease control and other animal care practices with the policies and guidelines of the St. Louis….
Requirements: Associate’s degree from an accredited Veterinary Technician program and either currently licensed Or be currently eligible to apply for and obtain licensure as a Registered Veterinary Animal Tech…

Position Title: Technical Support Specialist II * Job Order # 11604702
Job Description: Advanced technical work participating in the ordering, installing and configuring of network Equipment and computers. Incumbent will assist in planning new and upgraded equipment….
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or a related field; AND three years of recent full time paid experience involving the management, maintenance, development…

Position Title: Housekeeper (Room Attendant) * Job Order # 11607698
Job Description: Clean guest rooms and hotel areas, maintaining hotel standards and strong guest relations. Ensure The utmost in customer service delivery; meet hotel standards of quality and cleanliness…..
Requirements: Should be able to perform in a manner displaying excellent attitude, enthusiasm and guest service. Must be detail-oriented and have ability to multi-task; must have ability to prioritize and organize work

 Position Title: House Person * Job Order # 11607688
Job Description: Assist Room Attendants to ensure that rooms are completed in a timely manner; clean guest hallways Up to hotel standards, ensuring areas are safe, clean and stocked with supplies at all times.
Requirements: Must have ability to prioritize and organize work; attention to detail is a must; ability to work well with Others; basic skill to comprehend English; ability to use machinery (carpet shampoo, buffer)….

Position Title: PM Houseperson * Job Order # 11607680
Job Description: Assist PM room attendants and supervisor with guest requests and delivering all linen to the service Areas evenly. Bring all dirty linen down to go out to outside company; deliver all guest requests….
Requirements: Good attitude; attention to detail; ability to multi-task; ability to work well with others; ability to use Machinery (carpet shampoo, buffer)

Position Title: Junior Business Intelligence Developer Job Order # 11574085
Job Description: Strive to learn the ins and outs of Microsoft Dynamics GP, the report options within and other Microsoft ERP software offerings supported. While learning the software, the candidate will also learn SQL…
Requirements: Associates or Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Computer Science or related field. Experience with Microsoft SQL Servicer and Microsoft SQL server tools. General business functions, processes…..

Position Title: Developmental Assistant I Job Order # 11574650
Job Description: Participate in classroom and on the job training related to direct care services and support for Individuals with developmental disabilities. Assist individuals as needed in dressing, cleaning…
Requirements: Valid driver’s license; MUST PASS A DRUG SCREENING and criminal background check; one Year of work experience; High School/GED or equivalent; CAN preferred.

Position Title: Heavy Equipment Operator II Job Order # 11584600
Job Description: Skilled work consisting of lifting and loading refuse and garbage into trucks. Incumbent will pick up and empty garbage cans into truck; pick up debris and other refuse; operate mechanisms for
Requirements: Three years of full-time paid experience in the operation of heavy and specialized vehicles; or 3 Years of truck driving experience with the City of St. Louis as a Utility Worker, Lead Utility or…

Position Title: Water Services Manager Job Order # 11585929
Job Description: Responsible for supervising the staff of the Water Meter Section in the St. Louis Water Division. Includes managing all flat rate and metered delinquent account turn offs and turn ons, flat-rate…..
Requirements: Five years of full-time experience in water service delivery, including meter reading, starting/stopping Water service, handling delinquent accounts, issuing permits, property inspections, and finding….

Position Title: Account Clerk II – Pos. #040 Job Order #11598318
Job Description: Technical clerical work in the Accounting/Garnishments Department which will include the Preparing garnishments and executions; enter garnishments into the automated court case…
Requirements: Minimum WPM of 7,000 keystrokes per hour and must pass a 10 key adding machine test. High School diploma/equivalent combo of education and experience. Two years general office….

Position Title: Customer Service Representative I Job Order # 11585865
Job Description: Responds to citizen complaints, requests for City services, and inquiries from the general public. Operate computer equipment and perform general clerical work to maintain records of complaints…
Requirements: Two years of recent full-time public contact work in an office environment, in which customer service And is the primary responsibility. This should include dealing with a high volume of inquiries and….

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