Thursday, July 14, 2016

Networking Groups for those out of work

I saw this question on LinkedIn and wanted to share since I know a lot of people probably have this question or don't know they should be asking it:

Are there any good networking groups that meet in St. Louis? Good meaning, they do not charge to network, they are geared towards people who are out of work.

Here are some answers:

Kathy Bernard - Definitely! Venture Cafe - St. Louis is free, you get three free drinks (either your choice of beer or wine) and 500+ people attend weekly. You do not have to register to attend and it takes place every Thursday from 3 pm - 8 pm at 4240 Duncan Ave., which is just west of IKEA. People who attend range from age 16-60+ and include job seekers, employers, entrepreneurs, and corporate types. Learn more - -- I have attended 75 times (!) and highly recommend it -- ask for me at check-in and I'd be glad to introduce you around. An alternate: OPO in St. Charles, which meets weekly on Wednesdays. It is a smaller, but also free and attracts a wide range of people. -- don't let the "startup" wording scare you off -- there are many more people who attend than just entrepreneurs. -- Kathy

Neil Glaser - Beyond Networking-STL is a group of job seekers and business professionals. Our mission is to help others as they are pursuing a new position or a career change. Educational seminars, networking, professional focus. No charge. BN-STL meets at 9:00am Tuesdays at the Salem United Methodist Church, 1200 S. Lindbergh, St. Louis, MO 63131. For more info visit

Kira Enyart - Network After Work. They meet once a month and there is usually a small fee for entry which covers a drink ticket and hors d'oeuvres. Great way to connect with others in your profession, and meet people in other fields of vocation.

Christine Terry - (Catholic Employment Network) is a good one. This is a good one also. JobShapers by David Hult.

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