Friday, July 27, 2018

Tom Topping 5 Keys to Employee Satisfaction

Tom Topping, a professional speaker on employee engagement, appeared on George Evjen's "Out from the Cube" podcast and he gave five keys to employee satisfaction that I wanted to share.

Feel free to listen to the podcast yourself here and he starts talking about his five keys around the 40 minute mark:

  1. Steady - Your employees should be able to depend on each other and not have to cover for anyone.
  2. Spotless - Your employees have a clear role and how they play a part in the organization.
  3. Significant - The job has meaning.
  4. Sway - There is something else in it for the employee more than just getting paid. For example, the employee really agrees with the larger mission of the organization.
  5. Safety - This is more psychological safety so that employees are not afraid to speak up and share ideas.

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