Thursday, August 9, 2018

Penny Hoarder article - 9 Tips for Career Fairs

Even though this article from The Penny Hoarder is almost a year old, I still wanted to share it since I'm certain I failed to do so when it first was published.

You can click the link here to read more:

For job hunters, I highly recommend attending as many Career Fairs as you can because you get to talk to a lot of companies looking to hire in one place! It's also a great way to find out about companies, what they do, and if they'd be a good fit! (And vice versa.)

I could not agree more about Penny Hoarders tips, which is why I wanted to share the article.

You MUST be dressed professionally. I tell my your money for ONE nice suit / outfit that you can wear for dressy occasions. (Weddings, funerals, job interviews. Swap out the shirt for a few looks!)

As a professional, brand yourself and make your own business card! They're so cheap at This is the easiest way for recruiters to find you, even when you're networking outside of a career fair and don't have a resume on you. Collect as many cards as you can so you can to track all the people you meet on a spreadsheet to update when you get home as well as connect with them on LinkedIn. Always be growing that network... you never know when you'll need to reach back out later down the road!

Job fairs are informational and not usually a an interview so you don't have to feel like you're on the spot as much. This is a good time to practice your elevator pitch cause we all have to sell ourselves when going through the process. It's weird to brag on yourself, but now is the time to do so!

I love how the article ends with the simple suggestion to Google "Saint Louis Job Fair" or "Career Fairs" because you just need to take that small, first step to get your job search going!

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