Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Direct Hire Telecommute Technical Specialist Manager

Technical Specialist 1-Year Score Card:
  • Support the implementation of 10+ online launches per year
  • Support bringing in each launch on time, with 100% accuracy, 98% of the time
  • Support team in generating $1.5mm in sales directly from launches
  • Support growing our coaching programs by 30%.
Position Summary
The TS reports to the COO. The mission of the TS is to support all of the technical details of creating online and offline launches that are highly effective in producing list growth and revenue. The main challenge is bridging the gap between technical expertise and understanding the spirit of the company’s brand in order to make the biggest impact for the business.
The TS is expected to implement all technical details related to product launches and supporting the technical needs of our coaching programs in order for them to grow. This means being responsible for implementing web pages, managing websites, testing, security, updates, tracking metrics, implementing each component of a launch such as branding/design, copy writing, and all other details related to the launch being successful. The measurement of a successful launch is list building and/or creating revenue.
Specific Responsibilities:
· Create web pages, opt-in pages and sales pages that match the brand requirements of Kendall SummerHawk and IAWC.
· Create WordPress blog sites from inception to completion, including ongoing maintenance of blog sites.
· Implement various aspects of the creation of new tags, email templates, sequences, broadcasts etc.
· Setup, manage and facilitate all aspects of webinars and teleseminars, including registration pages, bridge lines, autoresponders and all associated technical requirements.
· Setup and manage all aspects of membership technologies (i.e. Facebook groups, Ning, membership sites, InfusionSoft)
· Creation of videos from inception to completion, including managing the recording, editing, production and hosting.
· Responsible for sending reminders, setting up classes and posting audio recordings on weekly basis for various coaching and membership programs.
· Basic understanding of programming to create custom forms such as online assessments, rsvp forms and surveys.
· Implement all online actions related to each launch, including posting videos in marketing channels, making sure all web pages and email sequences are programmed and proofed/tested for a seamless, error-free launch.
· Implement (hands-on doing) all applicable tasks within , implement web pages, perform basic video editing, basic audio editing, upload videos and audios and perform other technical tasks related to a launch.
· Communicate with the COO on the various projects, take action on the items discussed and proactively report back on all details.
· Suggest new tools and programs to support either saving money or making money or improving the clients’ experience.
· Diligently review and test the technical components of all programming to ensure all links are working, web pages work properly, the content is free of typos and all components are consistent with the company’s brand and personality.
· Handle a large volume of tasks and priorities on time, every time.
· Be available, via telephone and email to provide immediate updates on a launch, as requested.
· Creates and updates documentation of all processes.
· Complete various tasks within the high-standards of a very busy, fast growing business. Company prides itself on excellence and you are compulsive about detail, ensuring 100% accuracy 98% of the time.
The Ideal Person for this role:
· Strong HTML and Dreamweaver skills for creation of stand-alone webpages and to customize WordPress sites as required.
· Expertise in video creation, editing and production for professional online video.
· Strong skillset in (or the ability to quickly learn) the following systems; Ning, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube and Twitter.
· A "designer's eye" for meeting brand requirements when creating webpages, videos and other materials, including being able to easily recognize when images and/or writing are “on or off” brand for the company.
· As the resident "technical guru" you will have the ability to quickly research and/or learn new technologies as required by the business. (You love to dig in and figure out how a program works.)
· Overall exceptional computer and technical skills, with a strong customer service orientation and professional oral and written communication skills.
· Has some familiarity with what a product launch is.
· Is a perfectionist and fast at implementing (a high level of accuracy is a must in this role!)
· Geeks out on the Internet and marketing.
· Enjoys being the DOER – owning the role, taking on the responsibilities and ensuring they are done with excellence, with a fanatical attention to detail.
· Thrives in a fast-paced, high-demand environment and has the ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously
· Is confident in themselves and their skillset; does not require continuous validation and loves to brainstorm, collaborate and communicate as part of a tight-knit team for a successful multi 7-figure business.
· Exceptionally responsive, replies to urgent requests via phone, email.
· Takes the initiative to make suggestions, give feedback and step in wherever needed.
· Offers light copy editing to slightly revise email communication for different groups of people.
· Project management experience, to support managing multiple and fast-paced projects, is helpful.
· Thinks beyond the task and considers the clients - providing suggestions to better serve the clients and overall growth of the business.
· Doesn’t take no for an answer (you’re positive, resourceful and awesome at finding solutions to problems), isn’t afraid to speak up and takes personal responsibility seriously for the success of every project.
· Is career-oriented, with minimal personal distractions or drama, understands that during a launch extra hours and/or availability are required and is willing to travel 2-3 times per year to attend company’s events.
· Is willing to ask questions, collaborate and be “all in” with a tight-knit team.
· Is systematic, creative, organized and reliable.

Shannon Anderson
SMArt Recruiting

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