Sunday, March 31, 2013

ISU Sports Symposium

Back in February I attended my first ISU Sports Symposium, in Bloomington, IL. I felt a little out of place since most of the attendees were college students who were in some kind of sports management program. Unfortunately, there were no majors like that for me back when I was in school (boy, does that make me sound old), but I still enjoyed hearing from all the speakers, especially since there were quite a few executives from various sports organizations such as the Cubs and Blackhaws.

Even though the focus was on sports that day, I felt there was a lot of good advice that could be used by ANYONE.

During an interview:
·        Bring enthusiasm
·        Ask questions about the business and do some research about it before hand. (Check the Wall Street Journal or business section of your newspaper.)
·        Do not ask what the benefits are…those are discussed later (usually) during the offer process.
·        Role play and practice.
·        Differentiate yourself online and write a cover letter.

Once you land that job or internship:
·        Be the first one in and the last one to go home.
·        Be adaptable.
·        Take initiative.
·        Be great at your current job, promotions will follow.
·        Continue your education.

The highlight of course, was the keynote speaker Pat Williams, and you can listen to his speech below online. But here are his takeaways that I wanted to share. While the focus is on sports, I think it applies to everyone.

1.      Follow sports (or whatever area you’re in)…know the history and have a passion for it.
2.      Be a lifelong reader…read and write in your field.
3.      Get experiences…volunteer a lot.
4.      Get your Masters.
5.      Take internships.
6.      Be a What-Else-er. What else can do you do to help out?
7.      Practice interviewing
8.      Speak
9.      Leadership…to be a good leader, you need vision, the ability to communicate well, good people skills, character, competence, boldness, and a serving heart.


Livestream of Keynote Speaker Pat Williams =

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